Cannabis Information - Know the facts

The Federal Cannabis Control Act comes into law on October 17, 2018 and we would like to provide you with information regarding the use of cannabis on campus. The Province of Nova Scotia will amend the Smoke-free Places Act as of October 17th of this year to include the changes.                              


Some frequently asked questions regarding the use of cannabis on campus.


1. Where can I find information about the laws regarding cannabis?
2. Are the laws around cannabis use the same in each province/territory?

No, so when traveling to another province or territory make sure to check laws.


3. Is there a Cannabis policy for Acadia University?
4. Where can I purchase cannabis in Nova Scotia?

The NSLC is the only authorized retailer of cannabis in NS.


5. What is the legal age in NS to buy or use cannabis?

The legal age is 19 and older.


6. Where on campus can cannabis be used?

Acadia University is smoke free but there are several locations on the periphery of campus (University Avenue and Highland Avenue).


7. How much cannabis am I allowed to possess?

You are allowed 30 grams of dried cannabis.


8. Is vaping allowed on campus?

The provincial regulations treat smoking and vaping in the same way and will not be permitted on campus.


9. Can I grow cannabis plants?

Not in residences or on campus. You may grow up to 4 plants in a private residence however, if you rent it is up to your landlord if you can legally grow.


10. What about edibles?

Edibles will not be for sale by the NSLC.  Individuals may produce edibles for personal use, but it will remain illegal under federal law to sell them. Cooking or making edibles will not be permitted in residences.


11. What about cannabis paraphernalia?

You can keep paraphernalia in your residence rooms if it is properly stored and that the scent is not an issue for others.


12. What happens if someone is smoking or vaping in residence or on campus?

Smoking and vaping are not permitted in any building or on campus and violations of these rules will be dealt with through the Acadia University Share the Air Policy.


13. What are the laws around driving while impaired?

There are several penalties (depending on the number of offenses) that range from fines of no less than $1000.00, loss of license, and jail time.


14. Can I carry cannabis with me on campus?

Yes, as long as it is properly stored.